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Lara Herscovitch

September 22, 2018

Lara HerscovitchLara Herscovitch creates masterful contemporary folk with blues, pop and jazz influences. She writes, sings and leads with authenticity, integrity, humor and heart, delivering performances that inspire, inform, uplift and entertain. Sound Waves Magazine described her music as "expertly written prose... songwriting at its best... good for your ears AND your soul." Acoustic Live in New York City added, "She possesses not only a huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity, but a keen sense of global concern and a fierce intellect... It might seem too good to be true, but true it is."

Lara's themes span a broad range, including stories of misfits and underdogs, connection and courage, love and loss, hardship and hope, resilience and transformation. As WNPR Public Radio host Colin McEnroe observed, "Lara reminds us that music can be heroic when it springs from a strong heart. Walt Whitman would recognize his own soul in her expansive American vision, and there really is no higher compliment I can pay an artist."

The wisdom in Lara's artistry comes from her decades of humanitarian work in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, and Africa; in education, community development, environmental protection, and justice system reform. This breadth and depth of experience resonates throughout her music: as Mississippi's Daily Journal summarized, "Singer-songwriter Lara Herscovitch doesn't write songs just for the ears, but also for the heart and soul."

Lara is from the Northeast U.S. and lives in Connecticut, where she served as Official State Troubadour. She tours and performs widely across the U.S.; coaches and teaches on themes including creative courage and finding one's voice for a better world; and presents and advocates on themes related to community development and civic engagement, including the U.S. civil and human rights crisis of over-criminalization and mass incarceration. She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts and a MSW in Policy from the University of Connecticut.

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Simply put - it's live acoustic music in a private living room with an audience of friends, both new and old, and great food that everyone brings to share. The music is outstanding - these are very talented musicians. Most tour professionally, usually nationally, some even internationally. More...

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Guitar painting provided by Lena Karpinsky