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Guitar Painting, Lena Karpinsky

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Michael Braunfeld

January 21, 2023

Michael BraunfeldMain Line native, Michael Braunfeld recorded his debut album, Some Things Aren’t Worth Crying For when he was 16 years old. Despite his youth, he was unafraid to tackle topical issues such as homelessness and the environment. Future albums propelled him onto the stages of some of the most prestigious venues and festivals around. Michael continued performing and honing his craft until 2001, when he walked away from it all to go to law school, get married, and start a family.

Michael returned in 2013 and since then, he has been garnering critical acclaim and industry recognition for his songwriting and intense performances. In 2014, he was welcomed into the Writers Night Family at The Bluebird Cafe and was named as a finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Competition in 2016, 2018, and 2019.  Both solo and with the Boneyard Hounds, Michael has been delighting old fans and winning over new ones at every stop. Whether creating compelling everyman characters out of whole cloth, mining his personal history, or addressing topical issues, Michael’s performances combine a powerful guitar style with a seemingly endless supply of urgency. And he has a pretty sneaky sense of humor too.

COVID-19 Protocols

Until further notice we will observe the following safety protocols:

  • There will be no communal food. The dining room will be closed. Bottled water will be provided. Attendees are welcome to bring snacks for themselves, but not for sharing.
  • EVERY attendee must show proof of full vaccination (i.e. two weeks post final vaccine). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • At this time, masks are optional for attendees.

Fans and air purifiers will be in use throughout the evening and weather permitting, outside air will circulate. People will be encouraged to stay in family or group pods and the sun porch will be used to provide more space.

ALL OF THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. At the time of this writing (11/2021), booster shots are now available, children are getting vaccinated, and the numbers on the Main Line continue to trend in a hopeful direction. Should that trend change, shows will be postponed or cancelled. Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Upcoming Performers

What is a house concert?

Simply put - it's live acoustic music in a private living room with an audience of friends, both new and old, and great food that everyone brings to share. The music is outstanding - these are very talented musicians. Most tour professionally, usually nationally, some even internationally. More...

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Guitar painting provided by Lena Karpinsky