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Guitar Painting, Lena Karpinsky

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Chuck Brodsky

November 25, 2023

Chuck BrodskyEvery Thanksgiving weekend since 2001, Chuck Brodsky has come "home" to the Philadelphia area and to the Musical Lairs' stage. At least, that was the case until the pandemic struck! Thanksgiving was so empty in 2020, and it wasn't just lack of a traditional feast.

Chuck Brodsky is a storyteller, songwriter, troubadour, and a modern day bard. With only his acoustic guitar and his voice he’ll draw you in with genuine, down-to-earth warmth and his quirky, finely crafted songs. Using wit and irony, set to haunting melodies, he tells the stories of oddball and underdog characters through his syncopated guitar strumming or sweet finger-picking. His songs celebrate the goodness in people - the eccentric, holy, profound, courageous, inspiring, and the beautiful. They poke fun at what needs to be poked, and sometimes they challenge. They’re sworn to tell the truth.

Chuck’s spoken introductions to his songs can be as spellbinding as his colorful lyrics, which he brings to life with a well-travelled voice and a delivery that's natural and conversational. His groove-oriented strumming and fingerpicking draw on influences from the mountains of western North Carolina where he now lives, and from lots of different good old traditional folk stuff of all kinds. He sings about unsung heroes and forgotten but incredible people - odd characters from the game of baseball, migrant fruit pickers, stories from the Holocaust, the Goat Man, a clown, or Radio, a developmentally disabled man and the love showered on him for 40 years at a high school in South Carolina (this song was used in the 2003 movie Radio). Chuck has appeared on nationally syndicated radio programs "Mountain Stage", "Acoustic Cafe", and "River City Folk", and has performed several concerts of his celebrated baseball story songs at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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What is a house concert?

Simply put - it's live acoustic music in a private living room with an audience of friends, both new and old, and great food that everyone brings to share. The music is outstanding - these are very talented musicians. Most tour professionally, usually nationally, some even internationally. More...

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Guitar painting provided by Lena Karpinsky